About DM Furnishings

Based on low street in Sutton in Ashfield, next door to Barclays bank and opposite Costa Coffee, DM Furnishings is without a doubt a furniture place with a difference.

All our sofas, chairs and recliners are made to order with nothing but you the customer in mind.

Unlike the majority of retailers who display mass produced or imported sofas, chairs and suites giving you a choice of 5 or 6 colours, DM Furnishings believes that for you to have the perfect sofa or chair, is all about giving you the choices.

  • You choose your Style.
  • You choose your Sizes.
  • You choose the Fabric.
  • You choose the Fillings.
  • You can leave the rest to us....

Because all of our sofas and chairs are individually handmade in the uk, then you as an individual can make some very important choices of your own.

8 Reasons why we are different 

We feel there are at least 8  points that make us different to the rest.


There is no compulsary requirement to purchase an entire full 3 piece suite or a minimum of 2 sofas.

So if you only need an individual chair or just a single sofa, that is no problem whatsoever, we are happy to oblige.


Because all sofas and chairs are handmade to order,

if you need any adjustments to the height or depth, depending on your own size or build, then that is no problem at all.


Feel like you need the seat cushions a little firmer or a little softer, then just ask.

We are happy to change any of the chair or sofa fillings to exactly what you feel comfortable with.


Want the sofa in a different fabric to your chair?

Or would you like one pattern one side of the cushions and something different on the reverse?

That’s fine too.

With hundreds of fabrics to choose from, you can select any fabric, patterned or plain to go on any sofa, chair or recliner exactly as you wish.


Like the classic turned wooden foot, or fancy a modern chrome finish?

Or would you prefer a caster to make your sofa or chair easier to move about? Then you choose the style and colour and we will gladly put those on for you.


Wonder why most places only give you a 12 month guarantee?

Then ask for details on our 5 year warranty for all sofas and chairs and also including electric rise and recliners. Not only for stains, but covering accidental damage as well as structural.


Absolutely no sales reps or assistants on a commission basis!

Come along and speak to the owner, who only has your best interests at heart.

Free advice given …..


Worrying about that narrow doorway for delivery?

Wondering if the suite will get left on the lawn because it wont get through the door?

Worrying whether the fabric is the right colour or shade for your room?

Then please don’t.

Every customer order is followed up by a free home service within the week. We will bring the fabric you have chosen for your sofa or chair to your home and check the colour or pattern is suitable.

We will also measure up and show exactly where and how in the room your recliner, chair or sofa will fit.

Just as importantly, it is our commitment to deliver your sofas, chairs or recliners into your living room, unwrap and set up BEFORE payment., therefore during the home visit, we will check access so there are no hidden surprises, and no sleepless nights.